Power BI

Industry leader for Business analytics and insight delivery. Power BI is unique as it is both powerful modelling tool but also versatile visualization platform for both interactive and paginated reports. Direct lake connectivity enables instant analysis from the Onelake. No matter how big or complicated your model is, data is there when your ETL is ready.

Qumio has helped customers to optimize and build new tabular models but also transform old multidimensional models to tabular format during the years. With new Directlake mode Qumio has helped customers to reduce ETL times hours per day and enabling near real-time analysis of datasets.

DAX is the language behind Power BI models. Every day Qumio helps customers to benefit from their datasets by fulfilling complex business requirements with DAX. Sometimes your measures output correct values but are just slow. Let Qumio help you! In-depth knowledge from the Tabular engine helps me to understand what is wrong or what is taking resources. Together we can make your model run with the speed you are expecting.

Direct Lake

Direct Lake changes everything. Native analysis queries against Datalake data. Data is available immediately when your lakehouse loading procedure is ready. In case of streaming data is ethere near real-time. As Direct Lake is built on top of Delta-fileformat you can use whatever tool that speaks Delta. If your company uses Data Bricks – no worries, Direct Lake works! Best performance and integration is achieved with Fabric workloads but Delta quarantees that every tool works.

Direct Lake <> Direct Query! With Direct query we are lagging many of the powerful DAX statements as there is no equivalent SQL statement available. With Direct Lake all the powerful DAX is in your hands.

Qumio has worked with Microsoft with Direct lake since early betas and first customers are already nearing production.

Fabric Premium as your tabular engine

Premium capacity is the way to run your tabular models. All this new feature set is available there. If you are not yet ready for new Premium capacity I want to help you. Either let’s optimize your existing infra or plan for migration to new Premium capacity.