About Qumio

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is comprehensive data platform solution for all your organizational data. It handles all types of workloads and enables the whole organization to benefit from data assets. Native SaaS offering. No clusters, no provisioning, no hassle. You can concentrate to your workload and create value from the beginning. No other data platform offers 5 seconds to begin 5 minutes to wow! – effect.

Open Microsoft Fabric at https://fabric.microsoft.com


Qumio is founded at spring 2012 for advanced-level consultation (problem solving, architecture design and auditing) to partners and customers. Qumio helps customers with Microsoft Data Platform. Qumio does not offer large implementation projects (system integrators are for that) and Qumio does not offer hosting-services (ISP’s and cloud is for that).

I work with other Microsoft partners and directly with customers. I offer unique skillset for your most critical issues. I’m ready to be in picture when you need it and I’ll step aside when I’m no longer needed.

24% of all the Nasdaq Helsinki listed companies in Finland are Qumio’s customers as well as many government agencies and other public sector entities. Qumio does not make any public reference cases but if needed, reference call with some Qumio’s customer may be arranged.

I like to share my experience as much as possible and you can find me talking in various Microsoft Data conferences and Microsoft’s technical events. Information about upcoming events and my recent blog releases you can find from my Twitter account.

I’ve received MVP title from Microsoft to SQL Server for year 2015 and to Data Platform since year 2016. There are around 380 MVP’s in the World for SQL Server or Data Platform and currently 3 in Finland.​ Read more information about MVP title from MVP website.

Qumio Atrain – advisory

All the cool new things are happening! If just someone could help us a bit? If this is the case, search no more.

Qumio Atrain – advisory service is to help organizations to learn, implement and maintain their Microsoft Fabric investments and assets.

Qumio has In-Depth knowhow, real-world experience and passion to learn more. Qumio can minimize your risks when you take the next step in the modern data platform.

Qumio Atrain workshop 4900 eur.

Workshop consists 1 day preparing and 1 day workshop in Teams or on-site. On the workshop we go through the Fabric architecture, cover your organizations Fabric readiness gap-analysis and plan steps required for Fabric.

After assignment your technical people will have capability to learn more. Your organization will have clear plan for Fabric and required steps to take.

Contact Qumio to reserve your workshop.