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I'm trying to share information as much as possible. I run weekly webinars, speak in various conferences and try to blog for new things. If you'd like to know what I'm doing you can easily subscribe for my notifications. Notifications are just as said: Notifications. I'm not selling anything or spamming you. Only info you want with option to unsubscribe always.

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​​​​​​​​​​​Free ​​SQL Server tools

I've done few useful tools for SQL Server that help me doing my work everyday. These tools are free to use for everyone but because of the nature of the "free lunch" I don't provide any guarantee nor take any responsibility of the side effects when using tools.

That said I'll still add that these tools are now downloaded more than 1000 times and I've never heard from anyone that they've had any issues with them.


When was DBCC CheckDB last succesfully ran? Is your database's data purity checked when you run CheckDB? Is your database updated from previous versions? sp_DBCCinfo answers these questions when you ran this. My normal procedure is to schedule this to be ran once a month and report the result to DBA team. It's a report that gives you confidence that there is no hidden corruption problems in your database. For detailed information please read my blog post about the tool.


PowerShell script that runs a set of batches with SQLio and puts the results to database. You can easily make reports of your Disk Storage performance with different SQL Server related workloads after you've uploaded the results to database. For detailed information please read my blog post about the tool.​


​​​​"Coffee break with Data Platform" ​​​

I'm starting bi-weekly Lync Online sessions that take place in the middle of workday for 15 minutes. I plan to give presentations on tuesday or wednesday at afternoon. That timing might change if attendees have better suggestions.

Lync session is planned to be so short that you can attend for that. It will be held only in Finnish and I'm very open for other presenters also as it might be quite heavy to have a subject every other week. Session is not about selling but learning so there is no company presentations, no feedback or registration required just fun with learning.

Subjects vary but are from the area of Microsoft Data Platform. All previous sessions can be found from Youtube channel at: http://qum.io/I_Z.

2016-2017 Skype for Business sessions

Tue 22.11. 12:00-12:20​Microsoft Connect event announcements (Get .ics)​
​Fri 2.12. 14:00-14:15SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 SP1 and Beyond (Get .ics)
​Fri 9.12. 12:00-12:20Azure Data Catalog (Get .ics)
​Thu 2.2. 13:00-13:30SQL Server on Linux (Get .ics)​
Thu 9.2. 14:00-14:30​SQL Server Analysis Services v.next (Get .ics)​


Already held lync o​nline sessions

​Mon 22.2 13:00-13:20SAN snapshotsOutlook
​Mon 29.2. 13:00-13:20Polybase ​Outlook
​Mon 7.3. 13:00-13:20Polybase multinode environmentOutlook
Mon 14.3. 13.00-13:20​R Integration​Outlook
Mon 21.3. 13:00-13:20​Reporting Services 2016​Outlook
​Mon 28.3. 13:00-13:20​Azure DataLakeOutlo​ok
​Mon 4.4. 13:00-13:20​Azure DataLakeOutlook
​Mon 11.4. 13:00-13:20PowerBI Embedded​Outlook
​Mon 18.4. 13:00-13:20PowerBI Rest API​Outlook
​Mon 25.4. 13:00-13:15Stretch DB internals​Outlook
​Mon 2.5. 13:00-13:15PowerBI Enterprise GW​Outlook
​Mon 9.5. 13:00-13:15SSAS Tabular 2016 Deep-Dive!​Outlook
​Mon 16.5. 13:00-13:15SSIS 2016​Outlook
​Mon 23.5. 13:00-13:15Dynamic Data Masking​Outlook
​Mon 30.5. 13:00-13:15SSAS Custom Row Security​Outlook
​Mon 6.6. 13:00-13:20SQL Server RowLevel Security​Outlook
​Mon 20.6 13:00-13:20MDS 2016​Outlook
​Summer​Let's continue in autumn


Already held sessions recordings

Check all the already held sessions from my Youtube Playlist at: http://qum.io/I_Z

Other great events​​

In addition to my Blog and that Lync online sessions I present in various events. Here you can see sessions where I'll be in near future and also some sessions I attended during last year.


Upcomi​​​ng events

Date​​Event​My title
​13.12.Hyperion User Group conferenceRunning HFM faster ans safer with SQL Server!​


Already he​​ld ​events

Date​Event​My title​Participants​​​
​12.10.Techtalks 2016​Data Platform track​90​
​11.10.Techtalks 2016​Data Platform track​90​
6.6.​SQL PASS 2016 day​SQL Server 2016​20​
​20.4.Power BI Hackaton Helsinki​Introduction to developers​60​
​7.4. Techtalks developers​Power BI for developer​80​