No matter what your problem is with SQL Server - I can help you. I can affirm that your SQL Server is running at full speed and if not I can either guide you through the modifications or do them for you!

If you're not sure what your SQL Server has eaten. Let's do Health Check to it. After that you know if there is something wrong or if there is something to investigate more.

Have you ever tested your recovery plan? Don't have one? Let's test and/or design one together.

SQL Server Health Check 

Let's spend one working day with your SQL Server and find out if everything is in good shape. I'll use only the tools already available on your server. No additional software installations are needed. As a result you'll get comprehensive report with suggestions on what to do. You can then do the suggested changes, consult us to do those or we can arrange a learn-and-configure session where we do the changes together and I teach you through the configuring SQL Server.

SQL Server Performance Tuning

Is your business critical application performing poorly and your application developers blame SQL Server. Let's find out and make it run like it is designed for! If your performance problems are in anyway related to SQL Server we can find them out and either change something on SQL Server or guide your application developers to do things better from SQL Server's point of view.

Disaster Recovery (DR) planning, training and execution

I hope that you'll ask Qumio to help you with your DR planning and training but I'm not afraid to help you executing one if bad things have already happened. During DR execution I document everything and keep you up-to-date all the time. I know how SQL Server works and what your options are in different scenarios so you couldn't find better partner in Nordic countries. For immediate DR execution help. Contact me by phone: +358 501 765

If you haven't faced DR execution situation yet. That's great! We have time to train your staff, audit your disaster recovery plan and suggest changes if needed.

Outsourced DBA

If you want to have Microsoft Certified Master as your Database administrator, you've probably found out that it is not an easy task. There is only one person in Finland. Now it is possible to have one as an outsourced resource. I'll help and monitor your servers as much as needed and agreed together. You'll get the best service but with minimal costs because Qumio only charges you based on the agreed operations. I can also be the player who is called to action only by request if you already have a DBA-team in-place. Whatever suits your needs best!

BISM Development

I speak DAX natively. I've been using the in-memory tabular model from the early betas. I can help you to maximize your business insights with unique deep-insight knowledge of Microsoft's SQL Server BI offering.

SQL Server