Not getting the value from your Microsoft BI infrastructure that you've expected? I can help you to discover the internals that you need from your company data: No matter wheter it is small data or big data.

I can help you with your multidimensional or in-memory tabular models to get meaningful results from your data warehouse. I can help you to speed up your ETL jobs to work at full speed.

We can work together with visualization tools to get easily understandable results from the business intelligence build into your analysis services.

Big Data Architecture and strategy

Already strong experience from Hadoop implementations and integration with SQL Server based data warehousing. I can help you scoping and designing your Big Data architecture an co-operate with your DW implementor to get insights from any data to help your business decissions like never before! I've trained and talked at many events about Big Data and its use-cases. You can find my opinions from TechNet TV and various Microsoft hosted events for both partners and end-customers.

Data warehouse optimization and validation

I can help you to ensure that your DW is implemented in an optimal manner. I can confirm that your DW is running at full speed and if not I can show you the bottle neck and give you suggestions on how-to modify your DW. I can help you benefit from all the new SQL Server functionality that exists for DW optimization including ColumnStore, In-Memory for ETL, Compression, Partitioning and more.

ETL-Process speed-up and auditing

If your nightly jobs are taking more and more time and you're not confident with your ETL strategy: I can help you to minimize time required for ETL and validate your process so that all the numbers entered to DW are accurate and coming from correct sources.

BISM Development

I speak DAX natively. I've been using the in-memory tabular model from the early betas. I can help you to maximize your business insights with unique deep-insight knowledge of Microsoft's SQL Server BI offering.

I've worked with multidimensional databases for years. If you're planning wheter the workload could be transformed to tabular model or not - I can confirm that to you. If your multidimensional data model is not performing as it was on early days I can help you to get that up to speed again! Working daily with multi terabyte DW's and Cubes I know what are the bottlenecks and how to overcome them.

Data visualization and SharePoint integrations 

With Qumio your Business Insights will reach the organization. I've been using Microsoft SharePoint BI visualization tools from early betas and implemented them to various organizations already. By deep knowledge from SQL Server I understand how things work and that's why I can do things many others cannot. I'm part of the Business Intelligence Advisors group for Microsoft that participates actively Microsoft's R&D to give feedback and suggestions.